MAC Throwback Collection

Have a Seat for this might Shake You Down! MAC is having a Throwback Launch!

Don’t freak out or anything but you might want to have a seat because M.A.C recently announced via their Instagram page that their having a Throwback launch of some of our favorite lipsticks and eyeshadow palette from the 90’s.

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Best Red Lipsticks for Valentine 2018

5 Best Red Lipsticks for Valentine 2018.

Looking for that perfect shade of red lipstick that will impress your partner this Valentine’s? Well here’s the scoop on some of my favorite red lipsticks that you can try. They range from different price points so there’s something for everyone.

Red lipstick is no doubt a fashion statement all in itself and it might be a little intimidating at first but it is the one shade that can instantly elevate your sexy factor with little to no effort.

Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway with your beau or a fancy dinner date night, you better not be caught without some sexy red lips. It is an essential part of a perfect Valentine.

Besides, there is no celebrating Valentine without some red lips.

Without further ado, let’s get to it shall we?

Revlon Rich Girl Red

This lipstick was so moisturizing it felt almost like a balm to me. It has a very radiant finish as well which is an added bonus. This will easily create that glamorous look you are going for. This can be found at your local drugstore.

Revlon Rich Girl Red
Revlon Rich Girl Red

Milani Matte Kiss

This is a darker red and like the name, has a matte finish.  It does has a very smooth finish and I would say it’s more of a semi matte finish as it felt like it had a little bit of moisture as I glided it on. The wear time on this was 5 hours for me. Find it at your local drugstore.

Milani Matte Kiss
Milani Matte Kiss



Another drugstore brand, this lipstick is creamy with an easy application. Very pigmented and also feels very light on the lips. One application would be enough as it has a very high impact color.

NYX BLS15 red lipstick
NYX BLS15 red lipstick



Ruby Woo by MAC

Of course I couldn’t leave this one off the list. Even though I wish it was more moisturizing on the lips, it’s my all time favorite and that’s never gonna change anytime soon.

MAC Ruby Woo
MAC Ruby Woo

LipSense Flygirl

If you’re  thinking that your man is gonna wine and dine you this Valentine and don’t want to be bothered with your lipstick transferring or don’t want to be reapplying your lipstick every so often then this is definitely the lipstick for you. The only thing you would have to reapply is the lip gloss to keep that shine throughout the day. You can never go wrong with this as this is like the Ferrari of lipsticks when it comes to wear time.

LipSense Flygirl
LipSense Flygirl

With all these options make sure to dress to impress this Valentine’s.

Happy Kissing!


Wet N Wild 15 Minutes Aflame

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Best Fall Lipsticks

Why Fall Lipsticks are the New Black

I’m always very excited for Fall, not only because I get to wear my cute sweaters and use Pumpkin Spice creamer in my coffee but to get inspiration from the amazing colors to redecorate my house, wear flannels and most of all to revamp my makeup routine.

I’ve compiled a list of 3 of my favorite fall lipsticks, this list can definitely change but for now I’m liking these, for the season.Read More »

Cashmere by Wet N Wild

Why Everyone is Catching Flannel Fever

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Falling for Orange

Now that Fall is upon us, I’ve been gathering all my fall shades in my nail polishes and my lipsticks. I often find myself asking “What color lipstick should I wear?” For those of you who don’t know, I normally put an outfit together based on the lip color that I choose. Since we’re also around the corner from Halloween, I though that I could throw in some Fall/Halloween colors into my outfits without looking like a hot mess. 

I recently wore my Lady Danger lipstick by MAC. Buy Here.

Similar: Sweet Nectar by Milani. Buy Here

Similar: Purty Persimmon by Wet N Wild. Buy Here


Lady Danger has a reddish orange tone to it that gives you that sexy look while making it perfect for the Fall/Halloween theme with the orange tint that you get from it. You can easily pair this with neutral colors so that your outfit and accessories are not competing with each other.

I also paired it with a beautiful orange red/orange shade nail polish from e.l.f. cosmetics called Mango Madness. This shade of nail polish is a great alternative from the usual black nail polish (not that black nail polish isn’t sexy) that we use for Halloween but it doesn’t hurt to change it up a little with some vibrancy.

What colors are you excited to wear this Fall? Let PuckerUpBabe know in the comments below 


Red, White, Blue and Ruby Woo

To kick off my Memorial Day Weekend, I was rocking the red, white and blue, but who wasn’t right? Even though I didn’t do anything major or had any fantastic plans, I had my own little way of celebrating with my lipstick. Ruby Woo that is! There was just no other way to make it memorable without my classic, statement red lip. In my mind, that is just the ultimate and only lipstick you’ll need, but then again that’s just me.

Memorial Day Weekend Makeup
Memorial Day Weekend Makeup

Nevertheless, I had fun dressing up and putting together my makeup this weekend. I normally just keep my makeup simple especially if I’m wearing a bold lip color because I don’t want my makeup and overall look to be competing with each other. I paired my makeup with some cute button up tops and my red nail polish to bring everything together.

Memorial Day with Ruby Woo
Memorial Day with Ruby Woo

Now that Memorial Day has officially come and gone, I have to say that I’m excited to be heading into summer time with new and exciting lipsticks and trends that I can’t wait to try. I’ll probably be taking a little break from my Ruby Woo, but I’m not making any promises.

Hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend. How did you guys celebrate? Give me some feedback in the comments below.