Lip Monthly ‘Flawless’ – September 2018

Lip Monthly is a monthly beauty subscription box that will contain 4 to 5 lip products. You can choose to sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription.

Cost – $12.95 monthly OR $155.95 annually

Shipping – FREE

Here’s what was included in this month’s bag:

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Boxycharm September 2018 | PuckerUpBabe

How wild was this box? Boxycharm September 2018

September’s Boycharm has landed and it’s all about the wild flowers? But how wild is this box this time around. With last month’s box being a bit of a disappointment for most people, we’re hoping that September’s box will redeem last month’s abomination.

Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription box that features 5 to 6 full size products.

This month’s theme is Wild Flower!

Boxycharm Wild Flower September 2018
Boxycharm Wild Flower September 2018

Cost – $21 monthly with free shipping

The combined total of the beauty products in this month’s is $119. Not the most expensive box I’ve received but definitely not the lowest either.Read More »

How to get the Perfect Flushed ‘No Lipstick’ Lipstick Look

Contrary to all the makeup tutorials on Social Media, for many of us, our busy schedule does not allow for us to get all glammed up with smokey eyes, the perfect pout and highlight beaming to the gods.

A more realistic get-ready for the average working woman comprises of very minimal makeup and chapstick.

Let’s be real.

We all want to look effortlessly beautiful with little to no effort in half the time. So how do we achieve that look?

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

The trick is a good moisturizer, brow gel, eyeliner and/or mascara like the one from Wander Beauty and a tinted lip balm.

Tinted lip balms are known to give you that fresh, natural look without the use of a lipstick. Here are a few favorites that are great alternatives to your plain old regular chapstick.

e.l.f. Tinted Lip Balm

We all know e.l.f. to be a super affordable drugstore brand that does carry amazing products like their tinted lip balms. These lip balms give your lips a natural, subtle color while keeping your lips hydrated at the same time. They come in fun flavors and colors like berry and peach.

Tinted Lip Balm in the Color Peach
Tinted Lip Balm in the Color Peach

Cost – $1.40

Get it here

Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm

These lip balms have a bit more staying power as far as the color, than that of e.l.f.’s but they’re both equally hydrating. The colors on these are also build-able and can be layered to create a more pigmented look.

Source: Burt's Bees
Source: Burt’s Bees

Cost – $5.00

Gt it here

Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm

Pixi by Petra - Shea Butter Natural Lip Balm
Pixi by Petra – Shea Butter Natural Lip Balm

These, like Burt’s Bees, come in a variety of colors that you can switch up to suit your look. These Pixi Lip Balms do provide amazing color without being too overwhelming and have decent moisture as well. They feel buttery soft and gentle on the lips and will be a great compliment to your ‘no-makeup’ makeup days.

Cost – $8.00

Get it here

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

ColourPop’s New Fall Collection

If ColourPop is not releasing something new every time you blink then they’re not doing something right. ColourPop has definitely been doing an excellent job keeping up with the trends but the only thing is that I don’t know if my coins can keep up!

MakeupShayla just dropped her birthday collaboration with them  and now there’s their Fall collection.

If you haven’t found out already, their Fall Collection just went live on their website and it’s looking really fierce with a colourful leopard print packaging. They just posted a picture on their Instagram of the collection:

“Fall Edit Collection is LIVE 🍂☁ Good Sport Palette, Crush On You Highlighter Palette, 5 NEW Supernova Shadows, & 6 NEW Lux Lipsticks! “

Source: @colourpopcosmetics
Source: @colourpopcosmetics

Good Sport Pressed Powder Palette – $16
Crush on You Highlighter Palette – $18
Like A Snack Lipstick Bundle – $36; $7 ea
In Retrograde Supernova Shadows Bundle – $30; $7 ea

The lipsticks definitely have a great variety of fall colors like crimson oranges, browns and purple and even a wild denim-looking color called “JV”.

Source: Colourpop
Source: Colourpop


What are you looking to get your hands on?

Peep the Collection Here.

Also check out some of the products that I’ve tried from their Ellarie Collab and MakeupShayla Collab.




KKW Beauty Cherry Blossom Collection Drops 9/14

If you’ve been peeping Kim’s Instagram you’ll know that her Cherry Blossom Collection is set to launch on September 14th and it’s looking very colorful compared to what we usually expect from the Queen of Nudes!

Her collection was inspired by her love for Cherry Blossom’s which was also the theme for her son’s , Chicago’s, baby shower. The makeup mogul teased us with a shockingly very provocative photo on her Instagram with her in Cherry Blossoms leaving very little to the imagination.


Source: @kimkardashian
Source: @kimkardashian

A couple month’s back, the reality TV star also gave us a hint that there were gonna be some brighter hues for her next collection when a fan asked her about other colors than nudes on Twitter. Read more about that here.

This collection features hues of pinks, corals and berries that I’m living for. KKW Beauty is just giving us the works this Fall. Kim’s collection also includes a first ever blush set which I’m sure everyone is excited for.

Source: KKW Beauty
Source: KKW Beauty

So let’s get into what this Cherry Blossom Collection includes:

3 Blushes – $18 ea.
8 Lipsticks – $18 ea.
3 Lip Liners – $12
10 Pan Eyeshadow Palette – $45

Cherry Blossom Bundle – $268

I have tried KKW Beauty’s entire nude creme lipsticks and still love them to this day. When I don’t feel like wearing a créme lipstick I find myself reaching for her sister, Kylie Jenner, Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks from her 21 Collection. The formula is very lightweight and long lasting.

The Kardashian’s are definitely making a name for themselves in the beauty industry and whether you prefer KKW Beauty or Kylie Cosmetics or neither, we can certainly enjoy Cherry Blossom Season in the Fall.


Source: Pexels

Cardi B Has Her Own Lipstick Shade with Tom Ford and it’s Sold Out!

Luxury beauty brand Tom Ford recently announced via it’s Instagram Page a lipstick shade that is named after the talented artist herself, Cardi B from their Boys and Girls Collection.

Source: @iamcardib
Source: @iamcardib

It’s a strikingly gorgeous royal blue shade that is bold and attention grabbing, like Cardi B, herself. Tom Ford Beauty posted a lip print of the shade with Cardi B’s name on the bottom.

Source: @tomfordbeauty
Source: @tomfordbeauty
Source: Tom Ford
Source: Tom Ford

Cardi B is known to partner with major fashion brands like Fashionova but this one is a first and everyone is in a frenzy about this shade that it is already sold out!

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

Cardi B posted a photo on her Instagram letting her fans know that her lipstick shade has already been sold out!

Source: @iamcardib
Source: @iamcardib

Whether you’re a fan of Cardi B or not, or just love makeup in general and have a little schmoney to spend you can purchase this blue lipstick at Tom Ford Beauty whenever they’re back in stock!

Cost – $36

You might want to get on that wait list though!

Source: Pixabay

Are Lip Primers Necessary? 5 Cult Favorite Lip Primers

It’s not uncommon for me to hear about face and eyelid primers but lip primers are definitely not something that is talked about as much as the others. As a matter of fact, I rarely ever hear it mentioned in makeup tutorials.

Source: Pexels
Source: Pexels

How important are lip primers? Are they even necessary or is it just another way for cosmetic companies to deplete you of your hard earn coins?

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Source: Pixabay

Sugar Lip Scrubs Worth Trying?

Now that Summer is officially over, it’s time for us to start thinking about winter skincare. I know for me personally, my skin gets dryer to the thousandth degree, including my lips and there is nothing cute about weather-beaten lips.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

I really want to show my lips some extra love as we creep into the Fall and Winter seasons. When it comes to lip scrubs, exfoliation and hydration are on top of the list and even better if they contain healing properties. So I have found a list of scrubs that may be worth trying.

Fresh Sugar Lips

Source: Sephora
Source: Sephora

I’m not new to the Fresh brand, I’ve actually used their Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Balm in the past and was happy with the results.

This one contains shea butter and jojoba oil which aids in the conditioning of the lips to keep them soft and smooth.

Customer Reviews – 4.3 Stars

Price – $24

Get it at Sephora.

Tree Hut Sugar Lips

Source - Ulta
Source – Ulta

This brand I have not tried before but the lip scrub seems to be a popular one based on customer reviews.

This lip scrub also contains Organic shea butter but it’s infused with peppermint oil which I’m super crazy about since peppermint has soothing and healing properties.

Customer Reviews – 5 Stars

Price – $5.99

Get it at Ulta

Jeffree Star Velour Lip Scrub

Source - Jeffree Star Cosmetics
Source – Jeffree Star Cosmetics

What is so different about this lip scrub is that it is best to use it before applying any liquid lipstick. As a frequent wearer of liquid lipsticks, one of the very first step is to ensure that all dead skin is removed and this is exactly what this scrub does.

This lip scrub has many great reviews and is raved about by many influencers.

Customer Reviews – 4.7 (based on 2,822 Influenster Reviews)

Price – $12

Get it at Jeffree Star Cosmetics


Essence Makeup Tint and Colour Shot

You’re Losing Money if You Haven’t Tried the Lip & Colour Shot from Essence

Essence is a fairly new brand to me as it’s not one that is often talked about on blogs and on YouTube so when I saw these on Ulta’s website I decided to try them out.

These are the Essence Tint & Colour Shot that were available in four different shades on the website: Pink Happiness, Classic Simplicity, Flowery Breeze and Powerful Perfection.

Essence Makeup Tint and Colour Shot
Essence Makeup Tint and Colour Shot

Cost – $3.99

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Source: Pexels

ShaylaXColourpop Birthday Collection Drops Today!

Shayla has done it yet again with another collab with Colourpop as part of her birthday collection and this time it’s all about the lips hunny.

Her previous collection was a full set with an eyeshadow palette, highlighters and luxe lipsticks but the main focus on this one is about statement making lips.

Are you ready?

Source @colourpopcosmetics
Source @colourpopcosmetics

The collection features a lip gloss and two lipsticks as well as a cute makeup bag:

Source @colourpopcosmetics
Source @colourpopcosmetics

Shay Day Ultra Matte Lip – $6.50
Season 10 Ultra Matte Lip – $6.50
Drippin’ Ultra Glossy Lip – $6

Slay Day Lip Bundle – $16

Shayla Makeup Bag – $12

The entire bundle is a whopping – $25

You can definitely stretch your dollar a lot more with this brand and that’s why I’m living for it.

Head on over to their website to peep the collection and hopefully snag yourself one or two, or even better all three!