Falling for Orange

Now that Fall is upon us, I’ve been gathering all my fall shades in my nail polishes and my lipsticks. I often find myself asking “What color lipstick should I wear?” For those of you who don’t know, I normally put an outfit together based on the lip color that I choose. Since we’re also around the corner from Halloween, I though that I could throw in some Fall/Halloween colors into my outfits without looking like a hot mess. 

I recently wore my Lady Danger lipstick by MAC. Buy Here.

Similar: Sweet Nectar by Milani. Buy Here

Similar: Purty Persimmon by Wet N Wild. Buy Here


Lady Danger has a reddish orange tone to it that gives you that sexy look while making it perfect for the Fall/Halloween theme with the orange tint that you get from it. You can easily pair this with neutral colors so that your outfit and accessories are not competing with each other.

I also paired it with a beautiful orange red/orange shade nail polish from e.l.f. cosmetics called Mango Madness. This shade of nail polish is a great alternative from the usual black nail polish (not that black nail polish isn’t sexy) that we use for Halloween but it doesn’t hurt to change it up a little with some vibrancy.

What colors are you excited to wear this Fall? Let PuckerUpBabe know in the comments below 


I Tried LipSense – Is it Worth the Hype?

If you haven’t heard about LipSense by now then you’re either living in a cave somewhere or on another planet because they are literally all over the internet and Instagram and there’s a huge hype about the product. I recently got sent one of their lip colors to test and try in exchange for an honest review.

So here it goes, LipSense is a three piece lip applicator system that comes with the Lip Color, the Lip Gloss and the Remover.

LipSense Lipstick, Lip Gloss and Remover

LipSense Lipstick, Lip Gloss and Remover

They claim to be Smudge Proof, Kiss Proof and Water Proof. Does it really work? Is it really worth all the hype? Well, let’s find out…

My LipSense package came in a cute little bag with decorative paper and with a set of very specific instructions for application which was very helpful.

LipSense Package

LipSense Package

The lip color that I received is called Fly Girl which is like a deep red on my skin tone.

LipSense Fly Girl Lip Stick

LipSense Fly Girl Lip Stick

I made sure that my lips were clean and dry before application. While applying my first layer, I did immediately feel a little tingling that went away after a while. I did follow the instructions and waited 5 to 10 seconds for it to dry before applying my other two layers. After the last layer dried I applied the Lip Gloss and the results were not what I expected. Without the Lip Gloss it would just be dull and dry on the lips.  It’s like having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the jelly…it just doesn’t work. The lip gloss is a must! It made everything come together giving me a very vibrant and sexy look.

Here is a video of me trying it out:

End Result:

LipSense Lipstick in the Color Fly Girl

LipSense Lipstick in the Color Fly Girl

I did put this lipstick through the test of time. I ate plenty of different things throughout the day like chips, nachos, cookies and also drank coffee and other fluids and left no lip stain on my coffee mug or straw. The smudge proof is definitely real. Later in the day I  went to the gym, even though I was the only one with my lipstick popping while working out. Hey! There’s nothing wrong with looking fly at the gym. However, after and hour and a half I did manage to work up a sweat and the lipstick still held up well for the most part.

Lipstick Still Holding up After the Gym

Lipstick Still Holding up After the Gym

As you can see from the picture, my lips weren’t as glossy as before but keep in mind that at that time it was going on 6 hours and I didn’t reapply any lip gloss, which you are suppose to do throughout the day, but I wanted to see how long I could go without reapplying the lip gloss. Another thing is that the lipstick started disappearing on my waterline on the inside of my bottom lip, not that it was obvious, so it really wasn’t a big deal for me.

When I got home after the gym, I did apply some lip gloss to get rid of that dry feeling and the lipstick looked like I had put on a fresh coat. I was impressed! This is a photo taken from my Instagram Stories right after I reapplied my lip gloss for the first time.

First Lip Gloss Reapplication

First Lip Gloss Reapplication

I had fun testing out this lipstick from LipSense. I’m always in search of a new lip product that can work wonders and LipSense definitely did that for me. The wear that this lipstick provides is unbelievable and I would definitely make it part of my collection.

If you’re thinking about adding LipSense to your collection here are some things to think about:


  1. Wear; It does literally lasts for hours; I didn’t test it for up to 18 hours because after 10 hours without any other lipstick application I was sold.
  2. No Reapplication Required; If you’re going to an event and don’t want to worry about your lipstick smudging and wearing off then LipSense is the way to go. All you need is the Lip Gloss.
  3. No Animal Testing; Cruelty free, Lead Free, and Vegan


  1. Price; It is on the pricier side but now I know that the benefits of the lipstick and it’s long lasting power can justify that.
  2. Time; The application of the lipstick takes a bit more time than your normal lipsticks because you have to wait for the coats to dry in between which can be time consuming.
  3. Tingling/Alcohol Content; There is a little tingling when you first apply it but it goes away very quickly. There was also a slight alcohol smell but it wasn’t overpowering at all.

All in all am I impressed with LipSense? Yes! Will I recommend it? Yes! Did it do everything that it claimed? Yes, and then some!

To order LipSense products you can contact Melissa, an Independent Lipsense Distributor (#252461) so she can hook your lips up or contact her on Instagram at @melissagetslippy

Red, White, Blue and Ruby Woo

To kick off my Memorial Day Weekend, I was rocking the red, white and blue, but who wasn’t right? Even though I didn’t do anything major or had any fantastic plans, I had my own little way of celebrating with my lipstick. Ruby Woo that is! There was just no other way to make it memorable without my classic, statement red lip. In my mind, that is just the ultimate and only lipstick you’ll need, but then again that’s just me.

Memorial Day Weekend Makeup

Memorial Day Weekend Makeup

Nevertheless, I had fun dressing up and putting together my makeup this weekend. I normally just keep my makeup simple especially if I’m wearing a bold lip color because I don’t want my makeup and overall look to be competing with each other. I paired my makeup with some cute button up tops and my red nail polish to bring everything together.

Memorial Day with Ruby Woo

Memorial Day with Ruby Woo

Now that Memorial Day has officially come and gone, I have to say that I’m excited to be heading into summer time with new and exciting lipsticks and trends that I can’t wait to try. I’ll probably be taking a little break from my Ruby Woo, but I’m not making any promises.

Hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend. How did you guys celebrate? Give me some feedback in the comments below.


The 4 Best Things about Spring 2017

Now that Spring has sprung the fashion runway has graced us with some of the hottest lip shades of the season. It’s time to pack up your neutrals and unleash the attention grabbers from your collection. Here are some of the lip shades that have been causing a frenzy this season:


This is a fun and vibrant shade that is bold, bright and loud. It just screams ‘welcome spring’ and looking forward to summer. For darker skin tones, you want to stick with a red orange and lighter skin tones a more peachy orange. Get it on Amazon.

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MAC Lady Danger

2. Fuchsia

This is definitely a shade that is more flirty and playful. The purplish-pink tones will compliment any skin tone as purple is known to be a universally flattering color. This is a shade that almost all women will already have in their lipstick collection so don’t be afraid to sport it. I, myself, have quite a few that fall under this category. Don’t judge me!

Get it on Amazon.

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Milani Matte Orchid

3. Plum

Now, there are different shades to plum, the darker and mysterious shade and the lighter shades which I would say looks similar to a fuchsia but with less pink, if you know what I mean. It’s electrifying and would instantly take your look to a whole nother level.

Get it on Amazon.

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Rimmel Show Off Lip Stain

4. Red

And last but definitely not least, the shade red. Well did you think we would leave this classic off the list? Shame on you! We all know that red is here to stay and it would be a crime if it was forgotten. Matte red seemed to be the dominant shade this season. It’s a very responsive shade that automatically commands attention. Every woman should possess a tube of red lipstick, even if not for everyday wear, for those special occasions where you wanna make a powerful statement. Get it on Amazon.

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MAC Ruby Woo

PuckerUpBabe’s Guide to Choosing Lip Color for Dark Skin

Does the thought of finding a lipstick that will compliment your skin scare you? If you’re feeling hopeless about the situation then fear no more. We’ve all been in that same situation where we’ve purchased lipsticks only to find out that they do not go with our skin tone. You’re either looking too washed out or you’re looking like a clown. So what do you do?

black girl worried expressionImage Source

It’s been proven that bold and bright colored lipsticks compliment darker skin tones really well. Dark skin can range from an olive skin tone to a dark skin tone, so if you’re ready to give up the guessing game then follow these guidelines.

  1. Choose lipsticks that fall under the category of dark reds, corrals, fuchsia and purples. These colors are bold, daring and exciting to wear. Anyone can easily pull it off if done the right way. You don’t even need a fully baked face to pull it off. Normally bold lips are paired with very minimal face and eye makeup so as to make your lips pop. Well, after all, that’s the point! to make those lips pop. In my opinion, it takes a lot more effort to pull off a neutral color lip as opposed to a bold lip.

Some of my go-to bold lips are Sephora’s Mr. Lover, MAC’s Ruby Woo, MAC’s Lady Danger and Milani Matte Orchid just to name a few.


Sporting Milani’s Matte Orchid

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2. If you’re a bit hesitant about jumping in to wearing bold, dramatic lipsticks then test the waters first with something more subdued like a matte coral or orange color before breaking out the brighter shades.


Wearing a less dramatic Wet N Wild lipstick in the shade Salsa Lessons.

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This way it’s still adding a color pop to your face in an understated kind of way. You can also build up on the color and add a shimmering lip gloss as you get more confident.

PuckerUpBabe XOXO



Showstopper Lady Danger by MAC

Lady Danger by MAC

Lady Danger by MAC

So I was going through my lipstick storage and came across a tube of Lady Danger by MAC that I had bought last year around the same time I got my Ruby Woo. I remember instantly falling in love with Ruby Woo that I wore it everywhere and maybe that’s why my Lady Danger was left in the shadows but not anymore, it has taken the spotlight!

Lady Danger is described as a vivid bright coral red that has like an orange tint to it. This color is absolutely gorgeous and will instantly pop on your lips. You don’t even have to wear much makeup with this lipstick because of the focus that it creates. It has a very creamy and smooth texture with a slight matte finish. I feel like my Ruby Woo has a lot more of a matte finish than Lady Danger. It doesn’t last as long as my Ruby Woo either but it does leave a stain on your lips for about four hours so I guess I’m okay with that. It’s the perfect color for the upcoming summertime and I’m so excited to pair it with my shorts and sandals. What is your favorite red shade from MAC? Share your comments below. Puckers to you xoxo.

My Statement Red Lip – Ruby Woo

Retro Matte Ruby Woo Lipstick

Retro Matte Ruby Woo Lipstick

Red lipsticks are classic, timeless and here to stay forever. Every woman should have a favorite red lipstick as part of her makeup collection. You will not know the power of a red lip until you try it. You either love it or you hate it, but at least give it a try first. Not only does it instantly exudes glamour but confidence as well, plus it will transform and elevate your overall look like no other lipstick can. Who doesn’t want a lipstick that screams style, sexy, power and confidence all in one swipe? Count me in, please.

My go to red lipstick that I simply cannot live without is Ruby Woo by MAC. It’s a retro matte lipstick that will last all day long with only one application. When it comes to matte lipsticks I always prefer a brand by MAC because I have had better experiences with them, plus I find that the quality is a lot better than other brands that I’ve used in the past.

With that said, I want to run you through my very simple steps for my red lip application. Firstly, like I’ve said before in previous blogs, always prep your lips before wearing lipstick, especially with a matte lipstick. See my tips for beautiful pucker lips. Next, you want to add a little lip balm or chap stick to add moisture. Take a red lip liner. I use Redd by MAC and outline your lips and then you can apply your red lipstick. I also want to point out that you should never put red lipstick on without a mirror or in the car. Clean up your mistakes with a concealer for a more refined and flawless look and you’ll be ready to step out.

What is your go to red lipstick? Share your pics and comments below. Puckers to you xoxo.