The Lipstick that I Can Comfortably Wear All Day

Flower Beauty Petal Pout Lipsticks

I tried Flower Beauty’s Petal Pout Lip Colors and I am completely mind blown. These have immediately made it to my favorite list of lipsticks.

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Lipsticks I Wore in a Week

Lipsticks are one of the biggest selling beauty products of all time. It’s also one of the first things that we notice our mothers wear as kids which is why lipsticks are one of the beauty products that first peeks our interest as teens. As a young girl, this was one of the things that […]

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10 Best Nude Lipsticks that Won’t Make you Look Like a Corpse

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

Like many, finding the right shade of nude lipstick is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Pretty much near impossible. At one point they even had us checking out or nipples for the right shade. That’s how serious this nude lipstick situation has become. The cosmetics industry has come a long way when […]

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Lipstick News-ColourPop Lux Lipsticks

Photo from Pexels

If you guys haven’t figured out yet what all the frenzy is about Colourpop Cosmetics then this one will impress you. My social media has literally been flooded with the news that Colourpop is launching their Lux Lipsticks collection with 24 shades. It’s going to be available at the end of the month January 31st […]

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