Lipstick that Helps Incarcerated Women

Even though I love makeup, it’s always a good feeling when I can look good and support a worthy cause at the same time.

The Lipstick Lobby is a company that works in partnership with different non-profit organizations to support different causes. Some of these organizations include Planned Parenthood, The American Civil Liberties Union, The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence and the most recent, the Unprison Project, backed by social activist and feminist icon Gloria Steinem to assist incarcerated women.

Source: @thelipsticklobby
Source: @thelipsticklobby

Gloria Steinem, not much of a lipstick wearer but a huge social justice supporter partnered with the Lipstick Lobby to create a lip balm where the proceeds will help women who are incarcerated. You can purchase the In the Clear Lip Balm here.

Source: The Lipstick Lobby
Source: The Lipstick Lobby

All the proceeds from lipstick sales are donated for the betterment of women across the nation and their message couldn’t be more inspirational.

“…we aim to raise awareness for social justice issues, and also to provoke conversation. Wearing a coat of lipstick on its own can be simple and stunning. But sometimes we want to say more, say it clearly, and unapologetically. “

As a woman, not only do I feel obligated to support other women but it’s important to make it known that looking and feeling beautiful goes beyond what lipstick shade you’re trying to decide to wear but about creating a forward movement of strong, independent women. We can wear lipstick and kick ass by empowering other women while we’re at it.

Source: @thelipsticklobby
Source: @thelipsticklobby

Like I’ve always mentioned, we don’t always get to control what happens to us but what we can control is where we choose to spend our money and for me it feels amazing when I know it’s going towards promoting social change in a positive light like what Blush and Whimsy and Color the World Lipstick are doing.

You can find out more about this company and support the movement here.

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