KKW Beauty To Release Colored Lipsticks

Just when we thought that Kim Kardashian was all about those nudes (no pun intended), we’ve been given a hint that her makeup line is in the works to releasing other hues to her créme lipstick collection.

Recently, a fan popped the question on her twitter asking her if she will be releasing more lipstick colors other than nudes and now there is more evidence to believe that there are plans as Kim responded “Very Soon”.

Source: @kimkardashian
Source: @kimkardashian

Don’t get me wrong, her nude créme lipsticks are definitely the perfect nudes and the best part about it is that there is a shade for almost every complexion, but adding more pigmented colors will for sure change the game just because it’s nice to have that option if a daily nude lip is not your thing.

Her peach lipsticks have also sold out and have that same moisturizing formula as her créme lipsticks that makes for a comfortable wear.

Source: @KKWBeauty
Source: @KKWBeauty

The lipsticks, especially from her peach collection,  have also been taking on a darker hue though they’re still in the nude category. If there are other shades in the making, I wouldn’t doubt that they will be great as well.



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