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There was a RiRi Woo Lipstick? Where have I been?

I’ve been wanting to try out something different from MAC to switch it up a little bit and keep it fresh so I did some research on makeup lovers favorite lipsticks from MAC whether old or new and I can’t believe what I found!

There was a Riri Woo Lipstick!

Photo Courtesy Pixabay
Photo Courtesy Pixabay

How come I did not know about this?

This was a collaboration done back in 2013 with Rihanna as part of a holiday collection. This came up on my search as a favorite by many and I was floored because I missed out.

Photo Courtesy Pixabay
Photo Courtesy Pixabay

Riri Woo, like Ruby Woo is also a retro matte finish but with a much cooler undertone.

I definitely have my go to shades from MAC which are my red retro matte Ruby Woo, Lady Danger, one of the hottest orange shades and All Fired Up, my favorite pink.

These shades have complimented my skin tone in the best way possible and they are gonna be in my collection until they’re discontinued, hopefully not. The struggle…

I wonder if I can still get my hands on this Riri Woo lipstick?

Probably not!

The next shade that came up is Instigator which is a more current shade. It’s a deep plum color which is more fall appropriate but fall is right around the corner so it wouldn’t be so bad to get it now. I’ll keep this one on my list for now.

Photo from MAC Website
Photo from MAC Website

I still cant believe I did not know about the Riri Lipstick!

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