3 Sturdy & Budget Friendly Acrylic Lip Gloss Storage on Amazon

It’s no secret that I’m a makeup junkie and one of the hardest things for me to store is my never ending collection of lip products.

I’m literally on the brink of being consumed by all my lip products and I needed a solution rather sooner than later.

Lip Gloss Storage
Some of My Very Unorganized Collection of Lip Glosses and Lipsticks

I decided to start off by getting my lip glosses in order first because I had way more lip glosses than anything else.

I shopped around on Amazon and invested in some acrylic lip gloss organizers but was it really an investment?

Financial wise…no…but as far as keeping me from pulling all my hair out? Absolutely!

Some of the best Acrylic Organizers I found were all under $20.00!

Best Acrylic Lip Gloss Organziers
Best Acrylic Lip Gloss Organziers

Get the first one here

Get the second one here

Get the third one here

The acrylics feel well made with high quality and not like their gonna break on the first drop. Not only are they durable, but the compartments are perfect for holding tall lip glosses and liquid lipsticks.

24 Compartment Lip Gloss Acrylic Organizer
24 Compartment Lip Gloss Acrylic Organizer

You can even mix and match your lip gloss and lipsticks. Whichever setup works for you. I also like that it’s clear acrylic because it gives my space a more cleaner and open feel.

Amazon Lip Gloss Acrylic Organizer
Amazon Lip Gloss Acrylic Organizer

This is just a start but I still have a lot more lip products to organize but I’m already feeling better about myself and the space I’m starting to re-discover that was once drowning in makeup.

I started to feel my makeup hoarder burden being lifted off my shoulders as I cleared my cluttered drawers, floors and counter tops!

How do you guys organize your makeup? Give Me Some Tips!


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