Shayla X Colourpop Collab

Shayla X Colourpop Collab Lip Swatch

There’s something I want to yell you! If you guys haven’t found out already Colourpop’s latest collab is with beauty blogger Makeup Shayla and it’s definitely looking like it’s worth reviewing.

I also did a review on the recent Ellarie Colourpop collection that you can check out.

They teamed up to do a makeup collection that included an eyeshadow palette, two highlighters, three Lux Lipsticks and a Lip Gloss.

Shayla X Colourpop Collab
L-R Oouuuu!, Quickie, C’Mon Sis and Neat Freak

And of course, the part of the collection that I was mostly interested in is the lip products because I’m a lipstick junkie!

I purchased all three of her Lux Lipsticks and the Lip Gloss and well…you’ll have to keep reading to find out my thoughts on these…..

The three Lux Lipsticks are in the shade:

Quickie – Nude color
Oouuuu! – Peachy
C’mon Sis – Rosy Pink
Neat Freak Ultra Glossy Lip Gloss – Neutral Color

First off the bat, how gorgeous is that rose gold-y champagne-ey packaging of the lipsticks? Even the lip gloss was packaged nicely.

Even after you’ve used these lipsticks you can still keep them on your vanity as they are so pretty and can easily give your space a little glam.

Shayla X Colourpop Collab
L-R Oouuuu!, Quickie, C’Mon Sis and Neat Freak Lip Gloss

I started off with the ultra glossy lip gloss, Neat Freak. This lip gloss is so flattering on the lips. It has a little bit of sparkles and shimmer in there but not too much.

Shayla Colourpop Neat Freak Ultra Glossy Lip Gloss
Shayla Colourpop Neat Freak Ultra Glossy Lip Gloss

To my surprise, it wasn’t overwhelmingly sticky either. In all honesty, every lip gloss is gonna have some stickiness to it but this wasn’t crazy sticky and goopey.

Shayla Colourpop Neat Freak Ultra Glossy Lip Gloss
Shayla Colourpop Neat Freak Ultra Glossy Lip Gloss

These lipsticks are honestly very creamy, easy to apply and dries matte. I did not notice any particular scent to them which is not a bad thing. I can deal with that.

What I loved most about them is that the colors looked like they were gonna be universally flattering on most skin tones. Especially C’mon sis which is like a mauve-ey, rosy pink. This was my favorite shade from the trio.

Shayla Colourpop C'Mon Sis Lux LIpstick
Shayla Colourpop C’Mon Sis Lux Lipstick

Oouuuu! is a great Spring time color. It’s one of the peachiest lipsticks in my collection, if not the only, and I think that it will be a great addition to compliment my Spring wardrobe.

Shayla Colourpop Oouuuu! Lux LIpstick
Shayla Colourpop Oouuuu! Lux Lipstick

Quickie is more of a nude color but still stunning. I have the hardest time finding nude lipsticks that compliment my skin but this one was definitely a winner.

Shayla Colourpop Quickie Lux Lipstick
Shayla Colourpop Quickie Lux Lipstick

I also applied Neat Freak over all the Lux Lipsticks to see what those would look like and I was amazed at how well Neat Freak transformed the lipsticks into a more fun and girly look.

Shayla Colourpop Lipstick Collection
C’Mon Sis, Quickie, Oouuuu! All topped with Neat Freak Lip Gloss

The only drawback is that it was a lot easier to get it on my teeth with the lip gloss over it but as long as you keep the layer of lip gloss to a minimum then you should be fine.

Overall, I think the lipsticks were a winner for me? I can’t speak for the other pieces in the collection but I was satisfied with the lip products.

Who else tried something from the collection? Let’s discuss!!!



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