Maybelline Python Metallic Lip Kit

Maybelline Lip Python Kit – Investment Worthy?

I never imagined the day I would be wearing Python on my lips that’s why you should never say never. My most recent purchase includes Maybelline’s famous Lip Python kit that’s all over Instagram.

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As for me there might be a couple of occasions where I could where this like a Halloween costume party or a random Red Light Special (wink).I think the theme behind these lip kits was to portray a wild, free seductive look which honestly can be pulled off, on some of us that is, without looking like you showed up to the wrong event.

I purchased three shades that I thought would work best on me Provoked, Valiant and Passionate.

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Maybelline Lip Python - Provoked
Maybelline Lip Python – Provoked
Maybelline Lip Python - Valiant
Maybelline Lip Python – Valiant
Maybelline Lip Python - Passionate
Maybelline Lip Python – Passionate


First things first it was really difficult to get to the actual product with all the tape that it was secured by. When you finally get to the product another issue that I found was that there was no lip brush included. They immediately lost points on ease of use for me!

I get that maybe they thought the product would be best applied with the finger but they also forgot that everyone has a different skill level when it comes to applying makeup and including a lip brush would have helped a lot.

At that price point of ten dollars I don’t think a lip brush is too much to ask for because these are not the cheapest lipsticks at the drugstore.


I was impressed with the actual product itself. The lipstick was very creamy and had a matte finish.

The metallic powders were gorgeous. They might even work wonders when used as eyeshadows.


Applying the product took a bit of time, which no one has these days, as there was no lip brush included so you had to try to be very precise so you don’t mess up.

These are really not practical as a get ready in five minutes type of deal. These days almost everyone needs their makeup done in 10 mins or less and using this product will make you late!

On the other hand if you’re not concerned about time then I could definitely see these working out for an awesomely creative look.

Of the three, my favorite was the Passionate shade. I thought that shade of red was really pretty on my complexion. My least favorite was Provoked that unfortunately made me look like a corpse.

Who has tried them? Let’s discuss, I wanna hear your thoughts?


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  1. I have valiant and like the purple shade but totally agree they aren’t practices I have it a 2.5/5 in my video because here is no Mirror or brush and if they are expecting us to put that shit on with no mirror and with our fingers….. just NO

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