Have a Seat for this might Shake You Down! MAC is having a Throwback Launch!

Don’t freak out or anything but you might want to have a seat because M.A.C recently announced via their Instagram page that their having a Throwback launch of some of our favorite lipsticks and eyeshadow palette from the 90’s.

The lipsticks come in a matte, satin or frost finish, so you can choose whichever you prefer.

The Throwback lipstick shades include Rocker, Bronx, Marrakesh, Skew, Spanish Fly, Icon and Shrimpton!

M.A.C Throwback Collection
Courtesy of M.A.C Instagram

The good news is that these shades are not going anywhere. They are here to stay as they are part of their permanent collection.

I’m just super excited and I want the Throwback Collection to know that¬†I’ve been missing you and I’m gonna love you forever!

Which one are you excited for? I’m excited for Rocker and Marrakesh.

Let’s discuss. How do you feel about the Throwback Collection?



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