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Lipstick with Gold Flakes – Blush and Whimsy Magical Lipsticks Review

In my previous post that you can read here. I mentioned that Blush and Whimsy’s lipsticks were chosen to be a part of this Oscar nominees. I finally got a chance to try Blush and Whimsy’s Magical Lipsticks and they are indeed one of the best lipsticks that my lips have been wanting to try for a very long time.

Photo Feb 22, 4 26 52 PM_preview.jpg

Photo Feb 22, 4 18 48 PM_preview.jpg

I didn’t exactly feel like a Star walking down Hollywood Boulevard but I was impressed with how moisturizing this lipstick was and the amazing floral scent.


Like mentioned, it does have a pink tint matte finish, however on me it was a very light pink, I’m sure it will be a darker pink on someone of a lighter complexion. I also couldn’t tell that I was wearing anything because of how light they felt on my lips, almost like a lip balm.

There a three lipsticks availableĀ  that come in the shades First Blush, Bliss Blush and Belle Blush. They retail for $22.

Bliss Blush, First Blush, Belle Blush
L-R, Bliss Blush, First Blush, Belle Blush

I think the most magical thing about these lipsticks goes beyond the flower and the gold flakes as they help to provide opportunities for those members in our community who tend to get forgotten about like the elderly, people with disabilities and veterans so its amazing to see that they care and because of that I will always be a willing supporter.

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