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The Magical Lipsticks that were Chosen for Hollywood’s Elite!

This year’s Academy Awards nominees will be gifted with lipsticks from Blush and Whimsy,  a New Mexico based company that’s known for making lipsticks with real flowers and flakes of gold! Yes, you read that right!

The company focuses on creating experiences for their team as well as their customer base. What’s even more amazing is that the packages are made by elderly and people with disabilities like Down syndrome which makes them even more magical as it’s for a good cause.

The lipsticks are clear with a visible flower in the middle that creates a one of a kind look based on your pH and body temperature when applied.  The company claims that

“our long wear lipstick glides on like a gloss and finishes as a weightless, semi-matte lipstick – never dry or sticky”

Courtesy Blush & Whimsy Instagram
Courtesy Blush & Whimsy Instagram


It’s easy to see how this company gained popularity as not only are they creating amazing lipsticks that are vegan, paraben, cruelty and gluten free but they’re also supporting a team of amazing people.

This is surely one to put on my list! Any of you guys tried their lipsticks? 

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    • Yeah I was really impressed with their story not only because their lipsticks are so beautiful but my purchase would be totally worth the cause.

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