Walmart Beauty Box Unboxing-Winter 2018

Beauty Box subscription continues to be a growing trend not only for the convenience but affordability as well.

I mean it only makes sense to try a product out to see if you really like it before you commit to a purchase and find out that you wasted your money on something you will never use again.

Walmart Winter Beauty Box 2018
Walmart Winter Beauty Box 2018

Walmart’s beauty box subscription is quarterly so in essence you will be receiving a beauty box for each season.

Walmart Winter Beauty Box 2018
Walmart Winter Beauty Box 2018

I chose to hang around with this one because of price, of course, it’s only $5 a month with free shipping. How can you beat that?

So twenty bucks a year is something I can deal with!

This is their winter beauty box and though there weren’t as many products in there as previous beauty boxes I had to say that it was one of the better ones.

This beauty box contained two full size products that I’ve never received and I’ve been subscribing to their beauty boxes for over a year.

`Walmart Winter Beauty Box 2018
Walmart Winter Beauty Box 2018

This year’s winter beauty box contained a 5 blade Equate razor and a full size Degree deodorant.Included were also sample sizes of facial mask, Aveeno moisturizer, face and body oils and body wash.


I do have to say that one negative about Walmart’s beaut box subscription is that I’ve received some of the same products over and over again.

That was my fourth sample size Aveeno moisturizer. Honestly I don’t care because it’s a product that I do use on a regular basis but it might be an issue for someone who doesn’t care for it.

I’m glad that Walmart is switching the game as there are so many beauty box subscriptions out there that are offering amazing products, but then again that comes with a steeper price but for $5 every three months with occasional full size products I would say that it is well worth it.

Do you guys have any beauty box subscriptions? What would you say are the pros and cons of your subscription?

Let’s discuss! I would love to read your comments.



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