These Valentine Lipsticks Will Make your Heart Throb!

These lipsticks will not give you a heart attack but they will definitely make your heart skip a beat.

The Winky Lux Steal My Heart Lipstick Pills are the cutest lipsticks that are all the rave on social media right now.

The company recently posted on their Instagram the collection of these lipsticks that come in a heart shape. Couldn’t be more perfect for Valentines’s right?

Winky Lux Steal My Heart Lipstick Pill
Winky Lux Steal My Heart Lipstick Pill

Normally we’re all expecting roses and chocolate but sometimes it’s good to switch things up a little bit.

Wear your Valentine’s on your lips this year!

And guess what?  You’ll still have it long after Valentine’s is done and over with.

Not only do these make perfect Valentine’s gift for yourself, but you can gift them to family and friends as well.

They come in three shades of pink, red and a red orange with a very modern gold pill-shaped casing and are going for $14.

Courtesy of Winky Lux
Courtesy of Winky Lux

These honestly look like a fun bunch of lipsticks to try and play with. Anyone tried any lipstick from Winky Lux?



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