Milani Color Statement Lipsticks | Swatch and Review

Milani Color Statement Lipsticks

Lately, it’s just been one of those days where I want to take it all back to where it all started. In the drugstore with Milani. Milani Cosmetics has taken drugstore lipsticks to a whole new level and I am not complaining. From the well thought of ‘high end look’ packaging down to your last […]

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Lipstick with Gold Flakes – Blush and Whimsy Magical Lipsticks Review

Blush and Whimsy Magical Lipsticks

In my previous post that you can read here. I mentioned that Blush and Whimsy’s lipsticks were chosen to be a part of this Oscar nominees. I finally got a chance to try Blush and Whimsy’s Magical Lipsticks and they are indeed one of the best lipsticks that my lips have been wanting to try […]

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Jeffree Star Mini Velour Pink and Red Lip Bundle Volume Two – Swatch and Review

Jeffree Star Mini Pink and Red Lip Bundle - Volume Two

There were so many nights I dreamed of getting one of Jeffree Star’s collection in my hands as I was convinced from all the countless reviews on Youtube that you have not lived if you haven’t tried Jeffree Star’s Cosmetics and once you have tried them you’ll never go back to being the same. Well […]

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The Magical Lipsticks that were Chosen for Hollywood’s Elite!

Courtesy of Pexels

This year’s Academy Awards nominees will be gifted with lipsticks from Blush and Whimsy,  a New Mexico based company that’s known for making lipsticks with real flowers and flakes of gold! Yes, you read that right! The company focuses on creating experiences for their team as well as their customer base. What’s even more amazing is […]

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Alert! Anastasia Beverly Hills Launches New Liquid Lipsticks

Pexels Stock Photo

Anastasia Beverly Hills just launched their new liquid lipsticks range and it’s on fire! It couldn’t have been a more perfect day for them to drop their collection. Valentine’s Day! The lipsticks come in a variety of shades that will be sure to match a very broad spectrum of skin tones. With their very high […]

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5 Best Red Lipsticks for Valentine 2018.

Best Red Lipsticks for Valentine 2018

Looking for that perfect shade of red lipstick that will impress your partner this Valentine’s? Well here’s the scoop on some of my favorite red lipsticks that you can try. They range from different price points so there’s something for everyone. Red lipstick is no doubt a fashion statement all in itself and it might […]

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Walmart Beauty Box Unboxing-Winter 2018

Walmart Beauty Box Winter 2018

Beauty Box subscription continues to be a growing trend not only for the convenience but affordability as well. I mean it only makes sense to try a product out to see if you really like it before you commit to a purchase and find out that you wasted your money on something you will never […]

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