How to Get a Free MAC Lipstick Today

If you’re a fan of M.A.C, then you’ll probably jump at the opportunity of scoring one of your favorite lipsticks for free. In my case, that would be my Ruby Woo!

M.A.C is giving away free lipsticks as part of their Recycling Program.

Flat Out Fabulous Retro Matte
Flat Out Fabulous Retro Matte

Recycling boxes and soda cans aren’t the only things you can cash in these days. Instead of tossing your used M.A.C makeup, you can collect them and snag a free lipstick and help out the environment at the same time. How cool is that?

This is one way that beauty companies have been incentivizing recycling and M.A.C has joined the movement.

All you have to do is return 6 empty cosmetic containers to your local store and you’ll be rewarded with a free lipstick of your choice (Excluding Limited Edition and Viva Glam Shades)

Here is a list of the items you can return:

  1. Empty Skincare Bottle
  2. Eyeshadow Pot
  3. Foundation Bottle
  4. Lipstick Tube
  5. Powder Compact
  6. Liquid Liner Tube
  7. Blush Compact
  8. Cream Color Base
  9. Trio Compact
  10. Quad Compact

…..and many others. You can check their website for more details

If for some reason you’re not able to make it to your local M.A.C store you can even mail in your empty containers via their online Return to M.A.C tool and they will mail a lipstick of your choice to you.

Never throw out your used M.A.C. containers again! You’re welcome.




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