Why Everyone is Catching Flannel Fever

What comes to mind when you hear the word flannel? To me, flannel is like my mac and cheese when it comes to clothing. It brings me warmth and comfort. I think about wearing my flannels on cool fall afternoons with a cup of coffee in one hand while watching the autumn leaves fall. Very dramatic but that is essentially how I feel when I think about my flannels.

Wet N Wild Dark Wine Lipstick

Wet N Wild Dark Wine Lipstick

I’ve been breaking out in my flannels in full force as soon as fall was upon us as I was super excited for the change of season. Flannel fever also made me very anxious to update my make up looks with the most flawless fall lipsticks.

L'Oreal Incessand Russett

L’Oreal Incessant Russett

I have to say I’m excited to wear the darker shades of red, purple  and other Gothic, mysterious shades that would be nothing less than a statement.

Ruby Woo by MAC

Ruby Woo by MAC

What I’m not excited for is dry, cracked lips so finding lipsticks with a more creamy and glossy finish to compliment my fall flannels will be a winner for me.

What are some of your go-to fall favorites? Comment below and let PuckerupBabe know. XOXO






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