3 All Day Lipsticks that are Better than Most High End Brands

It can be a pretty scary thought when it comes to buying makeup and lipstick only to realize that it wasn’t what you expected to be. Many of us don’t have confidence in cheaper brands just because they usually turn out to be a waste of money. I can definitely attest to that. I have a bunch of lipsticks that I’ve purchased with my own money that have just never worked out for me. I’m pretty sure most of you guys have had the same experience. Somehow you always hope for the best and cross your fingers that it will come through.

Will it emphasize my dry lips?
Is it moisturizing enough?
How long does it claim it lasts?

These are all questions that we’ve all asked ourselves at one point. I have narrowed down three of my lipsticks that I frequently wear that are more affordable and lasts all day….for me at least.

  1. Milani’s Matte Diva….Buy Here

I’ve mentioned Milani’s lipstick before in previous posts and I’m truly satisfied with the formula. Because it has a matte finish, I normally moisturize my lips first because it can get a little drying after some time so I always prep my lips prior to applying. Once that is done applying the lipstick is a breeze and it lasts me all day.

Milani's Matte Diva
Milani’s Matte Diva


2. MAC All Fired UpBuy Here

This shade is also an old time favorite of mine simply because it gives me great results. When I find something that works for me that I can get at a slightly more affordable price I always jump on it. Even though MAC may not be THAT affordable for some people it’s still way more affordable than luxury brands. This is actually my second shade because I tend to wear it a lot.

MAC All Fired Up
MAC All Fired Up


3. Lorac’s Jet SetterBuy Here.

Lorac's Jet Setter
Lorac’s Jet Setter

This is one of my newer lipsticks that I’ve fallen in love with. You know sometimes you have to wear a lipstick a few times to decide if you actually like it or not. This one was actually love at first swipe and I’ve grown to love it even more. It’s almost at the same price range as a MAC lipstick but the results are amazing. This one is actually more moisturizing even though it has a slight matte finish so I usually opt for this one when I don’t wanna have to deal with the dryness of my matte MAC lipsticks.

What are your 3 that you swear by? Comment below and let Puckerupbabe know.

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