Why Everyone Deserves Fifteen Minutes!

Okay, I’m not talking about fame or anything…if only right?

I’m talking about my new Wet N Wild  lipstick in the shade 15 minutes Aflame. It’s definitely more on the girly side with a bright but creamy  finish. For the price, this lipstick is one to consider. It’s rich and creamy formula easily glides on. It’s also a build-able lipstick but a little goes a long way. Let’s find out how it swatched…

Wet N Wild 15 Minutes Aflame

Wet N Wild 15 Minutes Aflame

The packaging is different from most of my other Wet n Wild lipsticks. I realized that the top cover of the lipstick and the base has to align a certain way for it to be completely sealed. I did find this a bit annoying, especially when I’m in a hurry and find out that I have to take my time to figure out how to get it shut. Other than that, it still has a clear cover and most of all, the price is right. I got mine for like literally a buck. I find that I like the quality of Wet N Wild lipsticks and that’s why I keep purchasing them. You can check out my last blog post about Wet N Wild’s cashmere lipstick.

Wet N Wild 15 Minutes Aflame

Wet N Wild 15 Minutes Aflame

Depending on what you wear can truly bring out the pigments in this lipstick. I felt like it stood up more and made everything pop when I paired it with a bright top as seen in the image below.

Wet N Wild 15 Minutes Aflame

Wet N Wild 15 Minutes Aflame

Being that we’re transitioning into fall, I’m starting to look at getting more creamy lipsticks and this lipstick was not only highly pigmented but very soft on my lips. I was very satisfied with the hydration.

Get it here on Amazon for $1.01.

What do you guys think of it? Comment below and let me know.





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