butter London Cotton Buds Nail Polish

3 Reasons a Great Nail Polish Can Save you Time and Money

I’m that girl who prefer to do her own nails instead of spending money at the nail salon but what really irritates me is when I spend all that time painting and perfecting my nails only to have them chip after like the first hour.

Read on if you’ve been there.

It’s coming to that point where I don’t have time to be doing over my nails and because I’m cost conscious, I’m not spending unnecessary money if I don’t have to because, well you know, that’s reserved my makeup.

butter London Cotton Buds Nail Polish
butter London Cotton Buds Nail Polish

So since I’ve been into a Butter London phase I decided to try their Nail Lacquer in the shade Cotton Buds which is a white nail polish. I wore this nail polish for like 10 days straight and it only had like minor chips after like day 7. Since my dishwasher is broken, it was the perfect time for me to test it out and I have to say that it lasted through scrubbing of those pots and pans. That would have never happened with my current nail polish collection. It is highly pigmented but I did apply a couple coats because I wanted to build layers to make it last longer. You probably only need one coat but I preferred two.

The only disadvantage to this nail polish I would say is the price retailing at $15.00.

Find it here on Amazon.

Normally, I wait for nail polishes to go on sale for like $1.00 but never spend more than $3.50, however, I find that I have a bunch of cheap nail polishes that chip easily so I decided to invest in one that will give me a little  bit more chip free longevity. In the long run it made more sense for me economically and honestly there are a lot more health benefits to this nail polish.

butter London Cotton Buds Nail Polish
butter London Cotton Buds Nail Polish

“It promotes strong, healthy nails – Contains Hydrolyzed Silk, Horsetail Extract, Vitamins B, C, and E”

“butter LONDON does not add Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DBP, Toluene, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene, or TPHP to any of its nail product formulas.”

Why this nail polish saved me time and money?

  1. $15 sounds like a lot but it does last longer than the nail polishes that I currently have. Instead of buying 15 nail polishes for a dollar that lasts for 5 minutes on your nails.
  2. I would rather invest in a good nail polish that will last me longer and dry faster so that I can get on with my life.
  3. I agree that initially $15 is quite a lot to spend especially on a nail polish but it’s way cheaper in the long run than spending money to go to the nail shop every week. chemicals

Have you tried any of butter London’s nail lacquers? Comment below and let PuckerUpBabe know.


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