Butter London- Primrose Picnic Lip Crayon

Hey fellow bloggers and readers,

I have to admit that I’m glad to be back after taking off a month. If you’ve noticed that I’ve been MIA for a while that’s because I recently got married and was caught up in wedding planning and travelling. Now that that’s all over just been trying to get back to my lipstick hunting and weekly blogging.

Well you guys know that I love a good deal, especially if you’re someone like me who spends a lot on makeup. Butter London has been my secret obsession as of late. I’ve purchased their lip oil that I’m convinced was a God sent because it’s literally the best thing that has happened to my lips. And because I was very happy with that purchase, I had to go back and get other products, of course.

The good news is that Butter London is having a sale and that’s how I ended up buying more products. Click here to take advantage of that sale and reclaim your lipstick game! Since it’s a sale item, it may or may not be available but the lipstick version can be found on Amazon as well.

My most recent purchase is the Primrose Hill Picnic Lip Crayon as seen in the pic below:

Primrose Picnic Lip Crayon

Primrose Picnic Lip Crayon

It’s a very girly and flirty fuchsia-like shade on me. I really got a ton of compliments on this color as it is so vibrant and just lights up my entire face.

You can compare it to my first lip crayon purchase from Butter London in the shade Teddy Boy that is more of pinkish nude on my skin tone that I wear all the time now when I’m not trying to go too heavy on the makeup.

Butter London Teddy Boy Lip Crayon

Butter London Teddy Boy Lip Crayon


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