Naturally Chic Lipstick Review

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I did a review on my last post about Sweet Nectar from Milani’s Color Statement Collection and today I’m reviewing the color Naturally Chic. If you’d like to know what I thought of this color then read on…

Naturally Chic is like a brownish pinkish neutral color that is meant to give you that subtle, natural look. It’s definitely not the color for you if you’re looking for something bright and bold. It’s meant to give you that effortlessly chic look that’s not too over the top. It’s a color that is definitely suitable for the office but will do just as well for cocktail hour at the bar. Get it on Amazon.

Milani Naturally Chic Lipstick
Milani Naturally Chic Lipstick

When I first opened the cap for this lipstick the first thing that I noticed was the smell. It had the most wonderful smell that was kinda fruity but not overwhelmingly so that it would turn you off.

Milani Naturally Chic Lipstick
Milani Naturally Chic Lipstick

It also had a very creamy finish and smooth texture that glide on easily. This lipstick was also very moisturizing compared to Sweet Nectar that had a matte finish that dried out the lips and settled on the dry patches. I did not get any of that with Naturally Chic. This lipstick does transfer, however, being that it’s not a matte, dry finish.

Milani Naturally Chic Lipstick
Milani Naturally Chic Lipstick

Like the rest of the other colors from her collection, Naturally Chic is only six bucks and for that price, it’s definitely worth it! This is gonna permanently have a space in my nudes and natural lipstick collection.

Who else has tried Milan’s Naturally Chic? Give me some feedback in the comments below and let PuckerUpBabe know!




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