Go For The Gold

If you’re looking to spruce up your lipstick collection then you might want to give gold lipstick a try. I know for most of us this might be  a little too wild or too much but incorporating a little glitz and glam will not hurt. Shimmer and metallic lipstick shades have been all the rave this season and will give your overall makeup and unexpected twisted as opposed to wearing the expected red lip. Wearing gold will surely give others a reason to turn heads, in a good way that is!

Iman Sheer Gold Lipstick
Iman Sheer Gold Lipstick

So of course I had to give the trend a try just because I never really wear any type of metallic, over the top lipsticks for fear of looking like I missed the Halloween party. Also, because I thought it would probably make me look washed out or sick. So I decided to overcome my fears and ease my way into wearing metallics and started with a Sheer Gold from Iman. Get it on Amazon.

Iman Sheer Gold Lipstick
Iman Sheer Gold Lipstick

Much to my surprise, I turned out to really like this lipstick. It went on very smoothly and the hues weren’t like a crazy metallic but subtle enough with the perfect amount of shimmer. The only problem I would see with wearing gold shades is finding an outfit to wear with it. You might want to keep it simple and stick with wearing black just so that your outfit is not competing with the gold shimmer of your lips.

What metallic colors are you guys rocking this season? Give me some feedback in the comments.


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