How Fucshia Lipsticks Can make Your Lips Speak Volumes

If you guys haven’t noticed, I’ve been wearing fuchsia lipsticks like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve mentioned this before in one of older posts that you can read here but fuchsia is like a grown and sexy version of pinks and reds combined that compliments and suits almost all skin tones and immediately brightens your complexion. With that said, and knowing that I’ve been on a fuchsia binge lately, my latest fuchsia buy is the shade Jet Setter by Lorac. Get it on Amazon.

Lorac Jet Setter Fuchsia Lipstick
Lorac Jet Setter Fuchsia Lipstick

This lipstick will stand out without you even trying, not because it’s vibrant but the depth that it also creates instantly draws attention to your face giving you that effortlessly glamorous look. This lipstick will surely be a winner as it can suit any woman, any look and any occasion. It’s definitely on my list of best fuchsia lipstick.

Lorac Jet Setter Lipstick
Lorac Jet Setter Lipstick

It is a highly pigmented deep fuchsia lipstick that goes on smoothly with lots of coverage and a creamy matte finish. The pigment and color on this lipstick was so intense that I didn’t even have to reapply it. It lasted me for an entire work day even with eating and drinking. It is at a higher price point, retails around $18, than most of my other lipsticks but I got it at a discounted price from from Glambot for only $15.30 This shade is currently sold out but you can check out the other shade that I’m interested in here called Lorac Alter Ego CEO. Get it on Amazon.

What are some fuchsia shades that you’re rocking as of late? Comment below and let Pucker Up Babe Know.



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