5 Reasons Your Lipstick and Lip Gloss Might Be Expired

Not all makeup was created equal, some tend to go bad and harbor bacteria faster than others but if you’re a lipstick and lip gloss hoarder then you’ll have better luck with keeping them around for much longer. The shelf life for lipstick is said to be about two years! However, there are some signs that you need to be aware of so you can know when it’s time to toss it:

Expired Lipstick

Expired Lipstick

1. Your lipstick appears dry, has a weird or waxy odor

Out of all your beauty products, your lipstick is the one that will probably last the longest. If you notice that the texture is not the same and the smell is off then it’s probably time for you to throw it out!

2. The Texture of Your Lip Gloss is Just Not the Same

If you notice that your lip gloss is a bit stickier or clumpy like and just won’t go on smoothly then it’s time to get rid of that sucker.

3. You get a reaction from your lipstick or lip gloss

There are times when your body will tell you that your lipstick or lip gloss is going bad. In my experience, I get tiny bumps on the edge of my lips and they itch like crazy. In that case, lip gloss be gone!

4. You notice a different color on the lipstick

I’ve only seen this happened to one of my lip products. It was actually a lip crayon that I had only for a about year or less and noticed that the color was off. Even though it was a newer product it was probably sitting on the shelf for a while so we also need to be cognizant of that.

5. The Appearance of Mold

Now this one is a no-brainer and pretty much self explanatory. If you are not convinced that your lipstick is expired after seeing mold then good luck with that!

Now, the moral of the story, when in doubt, toss it out!

What other signs should we look out for? Let PuckerUpBabe know! XOXO


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