Ravishing Incessant Russet

L'Oreal Incessant Russet  219

L’Oreal Incessant Russet 219

L’Oreal’s Infallible Pro-Last Lipcolor is a lip stain that is similar to the Covergirl Outlast All Day Lipcolor that I’ve used in the past with it’s two step application. It has two sides, the lip color on one end and a hydrating lip balm on the other end.

L'Oreal Incessant Russet  219

L’Oreal Incessant Russet 219

I bought this in the shade Incessant Russet 219 and is sort of a reddish brownish color on my lips. It’s a vibrant color that can easily transition from sultry daytime to sexy night time. In my opinion, I do prefer Covergirl’s Outlast Lip Color to this one because the color seemed to last a lot longer throughout the day as I ate and drank. With L’Oreal’s Pro-Last, the color faded quickly especially in the center of my lips. I also found myself having to re-apply the lip color and the lip balm a few times because the color fades and it’s not as intense. It also had a tendency to get very dry and flaky, which was also true for the Covergirl outlast, but this one seemed to happen faster.

I guess it would last 24 hours if we excluded activities such as eating and drinking, but if you feel like you wouldn’t be annoyed with re-applying the lip color and lip balm then you might wanna give it a try because the color is fantastic. D,  however, exfoliate your lips before applying which would decrease the flaking and give you a longer wear. What’s your favorite L’Oreal Lip Stain?. Post your comments and pics. Puckers to you xoxo.


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